On the 20th of June, the Latvian Startup Association in cooperation with Ministry of Economics of Latvia, organized the third seminar in a series of informative seminars designed especially to define what it takes to build a successful start up here in Latvia.

We focused on a topic of success and together with Exonicus (a.k.a. Anatomy Next), Lokalise, Mintos, Printful, and Sonarworks, we heard their stories and discussed what it takes to build a successful startup in Latvia. By panel discussion, the founders of these companies summarized their success in four steps:

  • Aim to target markets
  • Create a motivated team that does not fear a challenge
  • Do what is right, even when difficult
  • Even without attracting investments, it is possible to create a successful startup

This event promoted pure innovation, creativity, and hard work through the example of some extremely brave individuals. Success starts with the inspiration to make a difference in the lives of others and it ends with pure effort and hard work. Thank you to all those who spoke, we were truly inspired.