It seems that doing things in silence without sharing progress with the public is a part of our Latvian introvert mentality. But then you realise you need to break the habit and start TALKING about your deeds for the sake of clarity…

You shared, and we acted

Since the end of last year, Startin.LV has been dedicated to finding a way to strengthen support for our members and making sure every single startup, regardless of its development stage, can benefit from our membership and enjoy tangible perks.

We have conducted over 100 one-on-one consultations with startup founders to learn about Your plans, challenges, and pain points. Then, in January, we asked you to fill out the association’s work evaluation survey to help us understand what we do right, and what can be done better (below you can see two graphs — detailing the results of what we should prioritize and how likely it is that our members would recommend other founders to join Startin.LV).

All these efforts, and most notably, your feedback, resulted in Membership Packages for Startups dazzling upgrade! More perks, more discounts, and effective support for helping your startup grow faster while spending less time on finding the right contacts and resources.

But most importantly, new membership packages are shaped to offer a personalised approach to each of You!

💎 Basic Package — an affordable plan that includes key benefits and special discounts from Startin.LV partners.

💎 Premium Package — for startups looking to make the most of Startin.LV tailored support, including active search of funding opportunities, free consultations on fundraising, marketing strategy, and more.

💎 Relocation Package — includes extra integration services and guidance for foreign founders who recently moved their startups to Latvia.

Startin.LV membership packages for startups. Latvian startup association.

Visit our website to learn more about membership packages, pricing, and the easy application process. Know someone who would benefit from joining the association? Be generous and share this information within your network!

Less sexy, more strategic stuff

While such initiatives as revamping Startup Membership Packages and hosting events are always visible for our members and followers, a lion’s share of the work Startin.LV does is like an iceberg — mostly hidden underwater. We are ready to change that! So, here is a wrap up of the latest projects that have kept our operational team and board absorbed.

🚀 in February, Startin.LV entered into a 1-year agreement with the Ministry of Economics to continue the development of the Latvian startup database content-wise, as well as the technical side of it. This financial support of EUR 20,000 was allocated to the association by the Saeima (deputies quotas) via the Ministry, with huge support from Reinis Znotiņš. While the support is most welcome, a far greater financial resource is still needed to bring the database to the desired level. For now, we have been laying the groundwork, but expect significant changes and expansion to the database quite soon!

Startin.LV Latvian startup database

🚀in April, Startin.LV wrapped up the project agreement with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), which goal was to provide LIAA with information on the Latvian startup ecosystem news and trends.

🚀In the beginning of June, we are finalizing Interreg Europe supported project with the Ministry of Economics, the aim of which is to provide the Ministry with the status of the Latvian startup ecosystem, assessment of major pain points and concept for the ecosystem development for the next few years.

Start Easy, Interreg Europe. ITWorkshop 27th, Riga, Latvia
Image source: Start Easy, Interreg Europe

🚀At the moment, Startin.LV is exploring participation in 4 EU-funded programs focusing on various aspects and themes, among which are: promotion of the Latvian startup scene abroad, foreign talent acquisition, creation of international ecosystem-to-ecosystem collaborations, and conceptualization of the space-tech accelerator. All mentioned projects are currently at the Express-of-Interest stage.

Furthermore, our team keeps working to build closer connections among our members, strategic partners and the whole startup community. That`s why we encourage you to be proactive by sharing news on achievements and struggles, asking for help with introductions, suggesting topics for upcoming events, and of course, spreading the word about Startin.LV family among your network. Because together our voice is STRONG, LOUD, and CLEAR!

P.S. Do you want to talk more about how Startin.LV can help your startup to save money and achieve better recognition? Dare to schedule a meeting via 😉

Stay tuned!

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