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Startin.LV brings together ambitious startups willing to receive practical support throughout every step of their entrepreneurial journey and to build a network of like-minded peers.

We assist early-stage startups with business tricks & shortcuts, help foreign startups integrate into the local ecosystem, and advocate scaleups` interests in the policy-making process.

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Key benefits

Opinion & policy lobby

Networking & Meetups

Special Offers & Discounts

 Education & Mentorship

Media Exposure
Access to Resources
Key benefits

Opinion & policy lobby

 Education & Mentorship

Networking & Meetups

Media Exposure
Access to Resources
Special Offers & Discounts
Startup Membership Packages

It is possible to split the Premium package yearly fee into quarterly payments. 

If you are interested in a consultation or tailor-made services that are not included in the Membership Packages we will be happy to help you within the scope of our competencies.

Startin.LV hourly rates: 

    – Startin.LV members – 25 EUR/hour + VAT

    – Non-members – 50 EUR/hour + VAT

Startup Membership Packages


100/250/500 EUR/year* based on number of employees


1,400 EUR/year**


900 EUR/year

Lobby for startup ecosystem improvements

Discounts for business administration tools. See the full list in the section below.

Special offers for business services. See the full list in the section below.

1h consultation on Startup Law benefits

Knowledge/educational seminars

Networking Startin.LV community meetups

Full access to the invite-only member community Slack

Exposure / media / featured articles / top-10 nominations

Logo on Startin.LV website

Latest ecosystem updates (Startin.LV Monthly Newsletter)

Assessment of readiness for EU/EEA funding

Assistance with finding grant-writers and consultants

1h consultation on marketing/communication strategy

Active search of funding/investment opportunities

Pro-active nomination for awards & startup competitions

2h consultation on Startup Visa

Orientation Day – intro to the Latvian startup ecosystem

Integration + intro to relevant stakeholders/fellow startups

Guidance on life/work/settle-down questions

* 5 employees and below - 100 EUR/year; 6-24 employees - 250 EUR/year; 25 employees and above - 500 EUR/year.
** It is possible to split the Premium package yearly fee into quarterly payments. 

If you are interested in a consultation or tailor-made services that are not included in the Membership Packages we will be happy to help you within the scope of our competencies.

Startin.LV hourly rates: 

    - Startin.LV members - 25 EUR/hour + VAT

    - Non-members - 50 EUR/hour + VAT


Member Discounts

Membership in the Startin.LV gives members access to 10+ exclusive money-saving discount programs including business administration tools and consulting services. Explore the range of member savings below.

To learn more about the offer activation process,  please reach out to us at

Red Graphic Digital Agency

One free audit each month + Special price for those who can’t wait to get it

– 1x a month 1 of our members gets a digital branding audit by Red Graphic Digital Agency for free (queue up, limited spots!)
– A special price for those who don’t want to queue


20% discount on your first event

If you’re currently brainstorming the ideal location for your next corporate event or seeking a unique networking opportunity, note that our new member,, offers something that is not accessible to most people – unique backstage access to football matches.


Translation & Marketing

Translation management platform for mobile apps, websites, games, software, making localization easy. Use Pro plan for 6 months for FREE (save $3510).

Notion For Startups

Knowledge Management Software

Build your company and team with one tool with $1000 in credit towards the “Notion for Startups” Team Plan.

Niklāvs Macko

1.5 hour free mentoring or consultation session

Niklāvs can help you with a wide range of things such as helping to figure out how to accelerate growth, build a loyalty program, launch a new market, improve your customer service, prepare for finance raising – pretty much anything, except legal advice.


Legal Services

More favorable terms and rates – Sorainen will offer the most appropriate model for each member individually.

Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Joint health insurance 

Members of StartinLV can use the opportunity of joint health insurance purchase. 

Accounting Latvia

Accounting services & consultations

30% discount for all new accounts that start using Accounting Latvia services (for the first year).


Apple Premium Reseller

Intro & support for iDeal business services, special offers and individual discounts for Apple products.


E-commerce for creators

A simple solution to sell digital products on your website. Get a 50% discount on the subscription to any of the plans.


15% off the entire order

Applies to subscription purchases
For all recurring payments
No minimum purchase requirement
No usage limits
Can’t combine with other discounts



Free Business Challenger Review & 18% discount for the first year of ICEO membership

Extend the team with the best of in your field. Free Business Challenger Review: a 60 minutes challenger review of the company. 18% discount for the first year on ICEO Membership (for your constant access to the world top executives / mentors)


Crowdfunded Equity investments

The platform offers investments into growing companies with realistic exit scenarios over a 5 year period – get your 50% off on the onboarding fee!


10% discount for doctor consultation

A telemedicine platform that connects patients and doctors in a safe digital environment. Startin members can receive 10% discount of any remote doctor consultation on Medon.

Zegners FinPlan

Financial Planning

To help you make data-driven strategic & operational decisions, Zegners FinPlan offers up to 20% discount on analysis for your startup, focusing on: base scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, risk & investment analysis, burn rate & runway break-even analysis.

Obsidian Law

Legal Services

In addition to the competitive price, individual discounts are applied to Startin.LV members.



lowest tier pricing and 5 free shipments

Swotzy provides an easy to use platform for businesses to send shipments with ease and with competitive prices.
Swotzy customers don’t need to sign any contracts with the carriers and they can start sending their shipments with selected carriers in less than 5 minutes.


Miltton Latvia

20% discount, free consultation

StartinLV members receive a 20% discount on all PR, communications, and media relations services. Connect with us, share your goals and challenges, and we will craft customized ideas and initial steps to help achieve your business objectives. The first meeting and consultation are complimentary.

Uldis Karlovs-Karlovskis

50% off for IT coaching

Using coaching and other methods you’ll find the answers you are looking for to stretch yourself and your team. One-to-one sessions, team workshops, fundamentals training and other extraordinary ideas are on the menu.


Easy Redmine

free trial and 30% off the first year

Easy Redmine by Easy software is Enterprise Open Source Jira alternative – comprehensive software for classic & agile project management, resource management, issue tracking, DevOps, sales, and customer care experience.



20% discount

Deel has everything you need to compliantly hire, pay and manage contractors and employees in 150 countries. Think compliant onboarding, contracts, expense management, benefits, payroll, and creating an employee experience with partners like WeWork, Airbnb, Hofy, and more.


1 hour of free consultation

If you are interested in EU grant funding, we will match you with the most suitable grant scheme and will provide free 1 hour consultation on program rules and conditions, eligible costs, application procedure and general guidelines how the project concept and application should look for a winning grant proposal.


Questions About Membership?

New Member Admission Process

Step 1


Step 2

  • Startin.LV board votes for a new member.


Step 3

  • Startup receives an email with the decision.


Step 4

  • In case of a positive decision, the startup receives the invoice.


Step 5

  • Welcome to Startin.LV! Onboarding process.

What Our Members are Saying

Michel Wettstein

Got Foods

    “Startin.LV is Latvia’s No. 1 address for any new Startup. The support and network they provide is very impressive in each aspect. Their local & international connections accelerate every new company by at least 10x.”

Yulia Druzhnikova

FIXAR Global

    “ association is a great support for startups providing guidance and mentorship, and serving as a platform for experience and knowledge exchange. For FIXAR access to the startup ecosystem unlocked reach to the quality contractor pool, eased local operations and facilitated company recognition with a nomination for Central European Startup Awards.”

Jānis Rozenblats

Mailigen by Pipedrive

    “After being in the startup ecosystem for more than a decade I feel that we are finally seeing an organization that has the will and means of becoming one of the key pillars for Latvia to be seen and considered a place where great ideas become reality. We have an organization that unites the voice of startups, educates the public and entrepreneurs as well as represents the country on an international level.”

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corporate members of Startin.LV community!

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