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Latvian Startup Association “Startin.LV” is a non-profit non-government organization, established in 2016 in a grassroots movement to unite the voices of the Latvian startups, develop the startup community and facilitate mutual understanding within the startup environment.

To date, Startin.LV has evolved as one of the leading Latvian startup ecosystem development organizations, with 100+ members united by the shared goal of economic growth through innovation and cooperation. While having fun, too.

What we do

I. Enhance support for our members

We offer startups access to knowledge, community and opportunities.We advocate for startup interests in the policy-making processes.

II. Strengthen Latvian startup ecosystem

We collaborate with ecosystem representatives, governmental institutions, universities, and other policy shapers to create a united force for entrepreneurial growth.

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what our members are saying

Michel Wettstein

Got Foods

    “Startin.LV is Latvia’s No. 1 address for any new Startup. The support and network they provide is very impressive in each aspect. Their local & international connections accelerate every new company by at least 10x.”

Yulia Druzhnikova

FIXAR Global

    “ association is a great support for startups providing guidance and mentorship, and serving as a platform for experience and knowledge exchange. For FIXAR access to the startup ecosystem unlocked reach to the quality contractor pool, eased local operations and facilitated company recognition with a nomination for Central European Startup Awards.”

Jānis Rozenblats

Mailigen by Pipedrive

    “After being in the startup ecosystem for more than a decade I feel that we are finally seeing an organization that has the will and means of becoming one of the key pillars for Latvia to be seen and considered a place where great ideas become reality. We have an organization that unites the voice of startups, educates the public and entrepreneurs as well as represents the country on an international level.”

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