What is Startin.LV?

Latvian Startup association (NGO) Startin.LV was created in 2016 to unite Latvian startup community around common values and provide joint opinion with the aim to develop better startup ecosystem in Latvia.

Startin.LV is a platform that enables startups to initiate ideas, be heard, receive support in fulfilling their needs and solving problems. At the moment we have 89 active members.

Our Moto: Start in Latvia. Go Global!

Our Vision: Latvia in 2020 is recognized as the perfect launchpad for startups to go global.

Latvia’s ecosystem provides a mix of reasonable startup costs, access to international entrepreneurial talent and capital, startup friendly regulation and excellent geographical connections.

Our Manifesto: We are here to jointly build the economy of tomorrow by using bottom-up approach and be proactive. Read full Manifesto text HERE

Startups in Latvia 2017
Investments in Latvian Startups 2017
EUR 62M +
Investments in Latvian Startups overall
EUR 210M +
Startin.LV Activities

1. Representing startup interests in communication with government to create public policy conductive to startup entrepreneurship in Latvia;

2. Initiating cooperation and communication among startup ecosystem players in Latvia and in Baltics;

3. Taking care of our members by providing up-to-date information, statistics, consultations, contacts with investors and potential partners;

4. Rising the visibility of Latvian startup scene locally and abroad through marketing and PR activities for our members and Latvia as a whole.

5. Educating the society in startup related topics by providing information, organizing events and participating in projects.

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