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We are Latvian startup community. United around common values, we speak in one voice. We are here to promote Latvian startup scene, connect it to the world, represent its interests, foster mutual respect and promote understanding about startups in Latvia.

The very first Startup magazine in Latvia - #StartinLatvia.

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Manifesto 2016

Our Vision

Latvia in 2020 is recognized as the perfect launchpad for startups to go global.


Latvia's ecosystem provides an unparalelled mix of reasonable startup costs, access to international entrepreneurial talent and capital, startup friendly regulation and excellent geographical connections.


Our Manifesto

We, stakeholders of the Latvian startup community - startups, startup founders and employees, coworking spaces, incubators, accelerators and other ecosystem service providers, individual and corporate supporters, individual and institutional investors and other players - have come to a conclusion that the only credible way for Latvian economy to move forward and to be competitive in the future is to embrace the startup movement and jointly build the economy of tomorrow. We believe that the only way startup community can develop and thrive is from bottom up - therefore we have agreed to self organize, to unite around a set of common values and to speak with one voice. For this purpose we have founded Latvian Startup Association with the following objectives:


Latvian Startup Association's Objectives

1. Development of startups and startup entrepreneurs in Latvia

2. Public policy conductive to startup entrepreneurship in Latvia

3. Visibility of Latvian startup scene in Latvia and abroad

4. Strong internal cooperation among Latvian startup ecosystem players

5. Development of education system conductive to innovation and talenteconomy in Latvia

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Biedrība "Latvijas Start-up uzņēmumu asociācija" 02.08.2017 ir noslēgusi līgumu Nr. SKV-L-2017/403 ar Latvijas Investīciju un attīstības aģentūru par atbalsta saņemšanu pasākuma "Starptautiskās konkurētspējas veicināšana" ietvaros, ko līdzfinansē Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds.


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